Update 111819

Ok so my podiatrist appointment was really today. Good thing my husband keeps track of my schedule and realized I thought it was on the wrong day! I got a diagnosis of equinus which was caused by genu recurvatum caused by my EDS. What does that mean? My joints are hypermobile because of EDS. My knee bends back way further then it’s supposed to. That causes me to change my stride so that I mostly walk on the balls of my feet. This leads to muscle tension and plantar fascitis. Both of which are the cause of the pain I’m having. So I get to have foot orthotics. Yay. 😑 He wants me to use both arch support and heel lifts. Hopefully that will address the pain. He also wrote a script for a pain medication. I’m hoping that will help. There have been some days that this foot and lower leg pain is crippling. It’s good to have a direction to move in. I love my foot doctor. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate. The fact that he knows about EDS is huge. Few doctors in my area do.

Update 111719

Continue to struggle with leg pain. It has been getting really intense. I think a lot of it stems from my feet. I have the podiatrist appointment on Tuesday so hopefully he will have some suggestions. I don’t expect immediate fixes but having working solutions makes a big difference for my psychology. Knowing I’m doing something about a problem really helps me stay positive and helps me feel like I have some level of control in my life.

Looking in the Mirror…

When you have chronic illness, it becomes very important to carefully self evaluate and self regulate as much as possible. No one else can tell you if you should be resting or if you should be moving. No one else can really know if you are offering up excuses or are really having a bad pain day. But the truth is that it can be hard to tell the difference from ourselves at times. So, how do we strike that balance?