CharmLeaks High Waist Yoga Pants

When you’re short, finding compression leggings or tights that fit you is an interesting challenge. My work around for this was getting compression leggings that are capri and wearing knee high compression socks. This gives me full waist to toes compression. When you’re getting leggings, you’re looking for a pair that has the “tummy control” top. That means there will be compression on the waist line as well as the legs.

CharmLeaks High Waist Yoga Pants


Medications come with risks, so why would anyone want to join the many who take a fist full of pills every day? It is easy to stand on the outside and declare this a bad idea. But the reality is that nothing in medicine is clear cut or easy. It is always about choosing between the lesser evils, because there are never any perfect answers. Any treatment you choose will come with risks (even diet and exercise).

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Nutritional Supplement Recommendations for EDS

Nutrition cannot cure Elhers Danlos Syndrome, but the right diet and supplements can greatly improve symptoms. This article reviews the nutritional supplement recommendations for anyone with EDS-C or EDS-H. Unfortunately, the diet recommendations are not as clear cut as this because of all the comorbidities that come with EDS, but it is something to consider.

A novel therapeutic strategy for Ehlers–Danlos syndrome based on nutritional supplements

BRABIC Shaper Tops

Compression garments are so helpful, but finding good ones can be an interesting challenge. This compression vest is wonderful. For those of us larger busted ladies, you’ll still need to wear a bra with it. I’d recommend one without an underwire.

I personally am looking for something that is offering a longer sleeve. In the meantime, this has been helpful and I think that it is a good option for those that just need compression for the upper part of the arm.

BRABIC Shaper Tops 

Living a Life of Maybes…

When you have chronic illness, you have to plan out everything in your life very carefully. This is so that you can do as many things as possible. Yet, your body doesn’t always follow the script. Often times, things come up that there is no planning for. A migraine hits, a joints dislocates, the fatigue presses down on you… all things that can come into your life without warning.

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LuxFit Foam Roller

I love this roller. The 18 inches is a perfect length. The foam is the right density. This is a great tool for anyone in chronic pain.

If you are not familiar with foam rollers, there are a bunch of helpful videos on you tube that can show you how to use them. You can also ask a trainer at your gym to show you how to use them. They are a great way to address muscle tension and pain.

I won’t lie, there is a learning curve to these. When I first started using them I felt like I was just flopping around on the floor, but with practice I was able to figure out what was helpful for me. The biggest benefit to a foam roller is that they are really low risk. It is unlikely that you will have any harm come from trying one of these out. And for many they are very helpful.

LuxFit Foam Roller


Putting your weight in context is super important. I have been going to a nonsurgical weight loss clinic for over a year now and am having great success. One of the tools that they use there is the Tanita scale. This scale looks at where your weight is coming from and accurately calculates your BMI. This is super helpful because you can tell where the weight changes are coming from. There were months that I weighed in and my weight had gone up, but it was because I had increased muscle mass. That was good weight gain and knowing that made a big difference in my outlook on how I was progressing with my goals. You can now get these scales for your home which I think is super cool. If you are going to have a scale, this is the kind to have.