Medications come with risks, so why would anyone want to join the many who take a fist full of pills every day? It is easy to stand on the outside and declare this a bad idea. But the reality is that nothing in medicine is clear cut or easy. It is always about choosing between the lesser evils, because there are never any perfect answers. Any treatment you choose will come with risks (even diet and exercise).

When you have a chronic illness, there are no right answers to how you choose to manage your symptoms. Most of us take a mutli-directional approach. I have a diet I follow, an exercise plan, medications, dietary supplements, a sleep schedule, medical devices and even special clothing I wear all to manage my chronic illness.

Each time you add a medication to your treatment plan, you add to the risk. But not treating the symptoms comes with risks too. Should I take a salt supplement everyday (another pill that comes with risks)? or should I risk falling from being dizzy (I could get an injury from these falls)? Which is the right answer? Which is the better risk? Only the person taking the risk can answer that question. I choose to take the salt supplement because I’d rather risk fluid imbalance then risk injuries from falling.

The point here is that these are complex medical decisions and a lot of thought goes into them. Please, do not stand outside our lives and judge us for trying to live well. I do not have perfect answers. Until I do, I have to make choices based upon which risks I’m willing to take.

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