Donning and Doffing a Mask

Hello my peoples!
Since I have recently delivered cloth masks to many of you, I’ve decided to write a post about putting masks on and taking them off. Properly donning and doffing a mask will increase their effectiveness at preventing the spread of infection.


The key point when donning a mask is to ensure that the mask is snug against your face.

When you wear a mask that gaps, as above, you are allowing air to by pass the mask. This means that air you are inhaling and exhaling is not being filtered by the mask and you are loosing a portion of the mask’s benefit.

When a mask is snug against the face, as above, it forces the majority of the air you breathe to be filtered through the mask, maximizing the benefit.

Adjust the angle of the ties as needed to achieve a smooth fit of the mask over your face. When you tie the mask on, secure it snugly but not tightly.


The key point when removing a mask is to not touch the mask itself. Only touch the ties of the mask while removing it. Any germs that have been filtered by the mask are now captured on the cloth and you want them to stay there.

Untie the bottom of the mask first.

Then untie the top of the mask.

While only touching the ties of the mask, pull it away from your face. Then drop the mask into the washing machine. Then wash your hands. It is best to wash your mask immediately after removing it. Use high heat for both the wash and the dry. Cotton survives heat, COVID-19 doesn’t.


Always double check that your child has applied their mask properly. Make any adjustments needed. Young children are unlikely to apply a mask properly.

I recommend that you always remove your child’s mask for them. It is unlikely that they will be mindful of the need to make sure the mask doesn’t touch anything.


Do not stand in front of them. This creates very little space and if they move their head forward they will touch their contaminated mask against you.

Stand behind them. This makes it unlikely that they will contaminate you with their mask if they move around.

Untie the bottom of the mask first.

Then untie the top.

Pull the mask away from their face while touching only the ties.

You can then either let one tie go to allow the mask to swing to the side or you can lift it up over the head. Then drop the mask into the washing machine and wash your hands.

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