Self Talk

Not everything is about you. When other people are rude or inconsiderate, it isn’t about you. Everyone has bad days and everyone struggles. Don’t allow their negative moments become part of you. And sometimes bad things happen. You can do everything right and bad things will still happen. That’s part of life. Take responsibility for your part in the outcomes you reach, but consider also that many things are not under your control. Choose to move forward rather then dwelling on the negative.

Perfection is an illusion and a goal that can never be achieved. Accept this. Greatness is not measured in how perfect a person is, but rather in their willingness to strive to improve all that is around them. Embrace your imagination. Nothing can be created without first imagining.

Allow yourself to be human. Accept all your faults along with all your strengths. Knowing that perfection is an illusion, move towards a better you with the choices you make every day. Allow yourself to feel. Forgive yourself for making mistakes.

Don’t let anxiety to control you. Fearing all the negative things that could happen will prevent you from imagining all the greatness you could reach. Throw away the “trash thoughts” that tell you that you aren’t good enough or that you lack value. Remind yourself of the good with in you and in others.

Nothing is black or white. This world is a messy, complex swirl of grey. And so are you. Don’t let yourself focus on the darkness. Remind yourself that there is a light casting every shadow.

Choose carefully what you bring into your heart.

Sometimes we fear that we don’t love enough, work hard enough or whatever enough. But if you are worrying about doing things “good enough” and being “good enough” then you care. This anxiety is a remind that what we do matters. It is not a measure of value.

Loving is giving. This is true for yourself. Give to yourself. This doesn’t require the investment of money, an entire day or trips away. Take a moment each day to step back from the world and consider who you are and imagine who you want to become. Fold your values into all that you do. Capture the little moments to bring yourself joy. Lean on others when you are tired.

Take the time for self care. Get sleep. Eat good meals. Tend to your environment. Explore the Divine.

Never forget this simple truth. All of us are good enough. There is always potential for us to be more, but don’t use this as a measure of your value. Strive to grow. But embrace who you currently are.

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