Life Has Its Seasons

Nothing lasts. No matter how hard we hold onto it, it always slides through our fingers and spills away. Even the very essence of our self eludes our own capture. The transient nature of our exsience is the heart of what makes us human. Being able to understand that transience is both a burden and a blessing. While it plagues us with fears for that which comes next, the knowing also gives us the oppurtunity to choose how we spend the limited allotments we are given.

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The DSM5 vs Medical Literature

Something that I have found coming up in conversation is the role of the DSM5. Many people use it as a reference when trying to better understand a diagnosis. Not a bad place to start. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is a diagnostic manual. This means that it doesn’t cover/explain a diagnosis in its entirety rather looks solely at what the criteria are for diagnosis.

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Being an Authentic Person

There is frequent mention of the importance of being an authentic person and being around be people who are authentic. But what does this mean and why is it so important?

The first thing to mention is that I feel like becoming authentic is a life time process of exploring and better understanding who we are. Being authentic isn’t something that you decide to be and “poof” you suddenly are. Being authentic starts with being honest with yourself which is a difficult task unto itself. Asking yourself who you are is perhaps life’s most difficult question. What should we base the answer to this upon? We could consider our core values or our essential characteristics as the foundation of self. The answer to this question is personal with each person’s answer being as unique as they themselves. Thus, this article is a reflection of what I feel being authentic is and what I aspire to achieve in my life time.

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