Reflections on a Pond

How can one know the fullness of something without first knowing the parts which surmise to create the whole? Observation then cannot be based upon the desire to define something. It must simply become an exercise to see what is present. This becomes particularly important when speaking of people.

For the mind is like the stillness of a pond. When one observes the actions of others, they see only the reflections upon the water. The true state of knowing would require one to swim within the waters to observe the things which lie below the reflective surface. But unlike water, one cannot master the swimming within their own mind and the swimming within the mind of another is impossible.

Thus all relationships are a state of not knowing. The state of loving becomes a continuous process of observing the ripples upon the surface. Acceptance of the not knowing allows the other to remain free of judgements and assumptions which will inevitably be false. A full expression of understanding and love requires a constant of not knowing within the context of fully accepting one’s ignorance.

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