Stupid Little Imp

Rejection Sensivity Dysphoria (RSD) is an evil nagging imp that rides on your shoulder and lies to you about everything. It tells you that everyone around you is judging you poorly. It tells you that you are not good enough. It tells you that you don’t measure up when compared to others. It tells you that you need to be perfect in order to acheieve any kind of success. It tells you that you are impossible to love because you are not worthy of being loved.

It tells you lies.

Please, don’t listen to this nasty little imp.

Yes, people around you are judging you. But not all of them, in fact most are completely indifferent to you. Of those that are judging you, some will dislike you. This is true. But it is also true that others will like you. No matter what you do, what masks you choose to wear or what dances you to choose to engage in: some people will judge you well and some will judge you poorly. But here’s the key information about this: those people who judge you well are the pool of people you now have the potential to choose to include in your circle.

Be sure they are really the people that you want there. How you you do that? Don’t listen to the stupid RSD imp. Don’t turn yourself down or neaten yourself up. Say what you think. Express what you feel. There will be the people who can’t handle you and who don’t like what they see. That’s ok, they aren’t the people you need in your life anyway. When you let the world see your authentic self, those people who judge you positively will be the people of your Tribe. Be yourself and find your Tribe.

Please, don’t listen to this nasty little imp.

It’s true that when compared to others we will fall short. But it is also true that we will excell and shine too. Humans are complex and messy creatures. No one is good at everything. When we compare ourselves to others, there will be those people that are good at the things that we are bad at. But the RSD imp fails to point out that there are also those people that are bad at the things we are good at. This is a blessing if we choose to let it be one. We can choose to celebrate the greatness in each individual around us. We can choose to go to the people who are good at the things we wish to improve upon and learn from them. We can choose to bless those around us with the gifts we have. Celebrate in the diversity and dynamic chaos that is humanity. There is so much beauty within in all our colors.

Please, don’t listen to this nasty little imp.

Perfection is an impossible goal. No human has ever walked upon this earth who was perfect. You are not perfect and never will be perfect. And that’s ok. All the great people you admire? Not perfect. All the amazing people who shaped history? Not perfect. There is nothing wrong with continously striving to improve yourself, but hold unto the truth that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve great or wonderful things.

Please, don’t listen to this nasty little imp.

You are good enough, just as you are. You are worthy of love, just as you are. There is nothing in this life that can steal away your inherent value blessed upon you simply by existing. You matter. Do not allow this lying imp to harden your heart or to dim your inner light. Remember that just because the RSD imp is talking doesn’t mean that you have to give it the time of day. Give it the middle finger, tell it to “fuck off” and go on about your day.

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