The Original Unity

“Maybe the devil is just a man like me. Maybe he’s many men; all men maybe.”
Galilee, by Clive Barker

All that is Divine is within all of us. Both the light and the darkness. We are an aspect of that which is Divine. Part of the human condition is the struggle between the light and darkness that resides within us. When we act, it will serve us well to remember that we harbor both within us. Our actions can be guided by the light or the darkness, but in truth we usually walk within the realm of grey. There is little in this world that is completely of the light or of the darkness. We are creatures of grey. Living in the precarious balance of Life.  From the waters we came and into this world we were born, unto death we return.

“…nothing really passes away. Things change, yes; of course they change; they must. But everything is preserved in the eternal moment-“
Galilee, by Clive Barker.

Unto death, we return to the waters. Becoming again a part of that which creates all. A part of the Divine; the darkness and the light.

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