Pro Compression Socks

Pro Compression Socks

I’m always on the look out for a great pair of compression socks. Because I wear these pretty much 24/7, I am frequently looking to buy new pairs of socks. I’ve recently tried buying some Pro Compression socks. I have to say that over all, these are not socks that I would recommend.

What do I like about these socks?

  1. They have good compression.
  2. They are made from high quality products.
  3. They are made in the USA.
  4. They are graduated compression.
  5. There is a fairly good selection of colors and sizes for their socks.

What do I dislike about these socks?

  1. The sizing chart is weird and can be confusing to follow. It has the option to use shoe sizes for sizing your socks and this just isn’t something that works. The location it shows for measuring your leg is only for thigh high socks, but they are selling socks that are knee high or less. So, the sizing is hard to get right.
  2. The socks are not consistent. I purchased several pairs of socks that are supposed to be the same size and they each had a significantly different fit.
  3. There is always some kind of weird deal going on the socks. While this seems like a nice thing, it really isn’t. If you can afford to sell your socks for less (as in there is a deal every day), then just sell your socks for less so I don’t have to go looking for some stupid code that I can put into my check out to get less money. It’s annoying and stupid.

If you choose to try these socks out, plan on trying on every single pair that you buy so that you know they fit. Be ready to do a return, because it is likely that you will need to in order to end up with socks that fit you. Be prepared to buy numerous pairs of socks if you want to get a good price on the socks. These are not awful socks. I personally feel they are just way too much work and hassle.

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