Update 080121

A Brief Update

Hello my zebras and spoonies! Thanks for coming and visiting me. As always, I am glad that you’ve stopped by and you’re hanging out with me for a little while.

So I haven’t given an update in quite in a while, so I figured it was probably time to do that. There’s not really been a whole lot going on. I’m still working as a travel nurse. I’m still working at my first contract and there are about 6 weeks of that left. I may renew that again or go on to another assignment. That has yet to be determined.

I’m doing the best that I can to balance the work, life and chronic illness stuff. And there’s definitely days that that has been going better than others. Last couple days have been pretty rough. I’ve kind of overextended myself during my work shifts. I had to work quite a few in a row and they were pretty rugged; physically demanding for me. Unfortunately that has put me into some flares and I’m trying to now just rest and recuperate and recover.

That’s kind of the cycle that I have been living in for the last, oh, about six months. I have been just trying to figure out a good way to work my three twelves a week and do it in a way that doesn’t fire off flares of various different problems that I have. And I found that can be quite an interesting challenge. But that’s what I need to do for a while yet, until I am able to transition into a different working situation. And that is going to be a few years since it is going to require me to get my Masters degree. So, I just have to keep working with what I have and continue with the constant problem solving.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you have peace and wellness. Take care of yourselves!

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