Update 011822

Hello my zebras and spoonies! Thanks for coming and visiting me today. I am glad that you’re here.

Well, I skipped on recording yesterday and didn’t do any posting yesterday because I had no spoons. I went and crashed out for like 14 hours and I’m feeling a little bit better today. It’s amazing how much sleep can make a difference for me sometimes. And then other times it’s like I can sleep all I want and I still feel exhausted. Yeah. It’s like playing Russian roulette when I go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll sleep 10 minutes and feel great. Sometimes I sleep 10 hours feel great. Sometimes I sleep those same amounts of times and feel like crap. You just never know.

So this post is just going to be a kind of status update. let y’all know what’s been going on. This past weekend was a pretty rough one for me at work. I had a patient who died and I had a patient who I felt was not getting the care that they needed in order to have successful outcomes. Both situations are emotionally stressful and use up a lot of my spoons, which is why I was so completely exhausted yesterday. I don’t think that people give emotional stress the amount of credit that it deserves when it comes to the toll for energy taking. Our emotions are driven by a chemical response in our brain. Those chemicals require body resources. There’s a whole biological process that happens when we feel something and when we become stressed. All of that process requires spoons. Having two days in a row that were super stressful led to the use of a lot of spoons and left me feeling pretty wiped out.

And then on top of that yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment with my GYN. It was a follow up for my endometriosis. I had my IUD replaced so it was just a string check and making sure that there was no difficulty with the new IUD. As far as the pain management plan goes with my endometriosis, we’re in the stage of playing the waiting game which is always a frustrating and slow process but it is a necessary process. You know, you can’t get medications on board and then expect them to work the first dose that you take them. Very, very few medications work that way. Most of the time, you have to take them consistently for weeks, sometimes months to really even know if they’re going to help or not. It’s just kind of a crappy Limbo land while you’re waiting to see if this medication is going to make a difference for you.

So that’s where I’m at for my pain management with the endometriosis and it can be really pretty frustrating so yeah, who doesn’t love the waiting game? Hopefully I will be able to get things back on track now that I’ve had some rest and you’ll be seeing posts back on their usual schedule. So thanks for coming and reading this quick little blurb about how things are going in my life. And I hope that things are going well for you. Bye, and I’ll talk to you later.

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