CeraVe Skin Products

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Been a while since I’ve done a product review. This one is for the product line by CeraVe. You can buy their products on their website or in most pharmacies.

I personally would recommend anything from this skin product line. Amazing. I use the Hydrating Cleanser Bar, Hydrating Facial Cleanser and Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I am looking to add in more of their products to my routine skin care, but these are the ones that I am currently using. Since I changed over to this brand the difference has been huge.

The first thing that I like about this product line is that it is about as friendly as you can get for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). There are no perfumes, dyes or random plant oils for my mast cells to react to. By limiting their ingredients down to what is really needed, I am way less likely to react to any of their products then I am to other product lines. They are also very up front about their ingredients which is super helpful when you have MCAS. When you hover over any off the products on their page, the list of ingredients pops up in a window. This makes it really easy to find and review those ingredients. They are also listed on the product’s individual page. Very user friendly. Very MCAS friendly.

The Hydrating Facial Cleanser was the first product from this line that I started using. I switched to this product when I was experiencing perioral dermatitis and this is the product that the dermatologist recommended that I switch to. This product made a huge difference in clearing up my skin. I haven’t had a full perioral dermatitis flare since switching to this facial cleanser. I still get small flakes and patches but it’s not covering half my face. As long as this product is being made, I expect that it is what I will be washing my face with.

I added in the Daily Moisturizing Lotion as my first effort to reduce the amount of itching that I was experiencing. It really reduced the amount that I itched and made it way more comfortable to live in my skin. I also noticed the unexpected benefit that it was reducing the amount of dermatitis scales I had. That made my skin look and feel nicer. While it wasn’t the reason that I started using the product, it was something I was happy about.

I switched to the Hydrating Cleanser Bar because I had good experiences with the two other products I’d tried in this line and was looking for a soap to help further reduce the amount of itching I was experiencing. For me, this has made a big difference. My body is dry. I chronically have struggled with dry skin that itches and breaks down because of dryness causing it to crack which then allows yeast to infect my skin. This product has broken that cycle. I haven’t had a yeast infection since switching and that’s largely because my skin hasn’t been cracking open or peeling off in huge flakes. Again, as long as this product is made, it is likely what I will be washing myself with.

So, the second thing that I like about these products is that they actually have made a significant difference in my skin’s health. I don’t use these every day and have still achieved huge benefits. I only use them on my shower days which is about every two weeks. And before you get on about how unhealthy it is for me to wash that infrequently let me remind you about how dry my body is. Taking a shower means stripping off what little oils my body is capable of producing. Thus, my hair and skin are much healthier when I wash them less frequently.

They also have a well designed, user friendly web site. Their site has a lot of tools to help you select the right products for the type of skin and the issues that you are having. This is super helpful and makes for a much better product experience. I personally hate going into the store and staring at the wall of skin products. It is overwhelming and confusing. I never know what I should be buying and feel like it is a crap shoot. Their site takes out all that guessing. They have a quiz to help you choose products and articles that discuss the science behind their products.

I love that this product line is science based. Each of their articles has links to the science based references that they are using to help guide you in choosing their product line. And these aren’t studies that were funded by their own company to inflate the value of their products. They reference other sites like WebMD which is written by doctors and Mayo Clinic which is also a site written by medical professionals. They also have links to articles on PubMed that you can read for yourself. They also give really good information about the various ingredients in their products and the reason those ingredients are being included. The final thing being that the products were developed with dermatologists.

Hands down, this is the best skin care product line that I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who struggles with skin conditions.

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