Unsustainable Healthcare

Hello my Zebras and Spoonies! Thanks for coming and visiting with me today, I am glad that you are here. Today, I want to talk about why our nurses are leaving and why we can’t attract new nurses into the field.

There have been problems plaguing the healthcare system for the entire twenty years that I have been working as a nurse and for the years that I worked as a CNA before that. Covid has made many of those problems worse, but none of them are new. But we are reaching the point where changes have to be made soon or things are going to start falling apart. One of the biggest problems that our healthcare system faces is that we don’t have enough nurses. If we don’t address this problem soon there simply will be no one available to take care of the sick, injured and dying in this country.

What needs to happen in order to retain the nurses that we have and recruit new nurses? We need better incentives to work in the healthcare setting. The work environment in healthcare right now in beyond toxic. The environment is unsafe. The staff working in healthcare are not properly supported or care for.

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