How dare you?

Calling yourself justice?
Calling yourself the father?
Declaring yourself love?

These are lies.

By your own account:
You are all knowing,
You are wisdom,
and you are all seeing.

Yet, this is the thing you made.
This here is what you created.
Why must something die,
for the living to continue?
The child with leukemia.
Eye worms. And one kind wasn’t enough.
Screw worm fly maggots, burrowing into flesh.
Why? Why did you make these?

All the many ways you designed our torment and torture.
But this wasn’t enough for you.

In all your love and wisdom,
you destroyed Job and his family.
You did it for nothing. Just a bet.1

You made us in your image?
That explains the cruelty.
After all, it was you who tore open the womb2
and it was you who killed the children
and demanded the women be raped.3
It was also you who couldn’t tolerate differences.4

Women of the earth, burned at stakes,
wars waged in your name,
and all laid out in your holy book.
The user manual for being human.

The user manual,
teaching us how to hate
and how to be cruel.

There is no love in God.

  1. Job 2:3
  2. Hosea 13:16
  3. Isaiah 13:9-16
  4. Numbers 23:6-13

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