I’m tired of being sick
It’s not sleeping, despite the fatigue
Then falling asleep when trying to be awake

I don’t want to be unpredictable
with sick calls, no shows and late arrivals
people figure that I’m not invested

I do get to wear a gown
and special little slippers
It’s all the medical fashion

Strange tubes from my nose
and dressings all about
I’m not really feeling human

Explaining another bruise
and dealing with accusations
but who can blame them?

I tripped, I stumbled, I fell.
I hit my face on the cupboard.
How could they believe?

Slipping out a joint
while slipping on my shoes
and another skin tear
this one from my zipper

I am not broken or incomplete
I’m just a complex story
Clinging to life
feeling it is all a luxury

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