Zebra Pig Plans

Hello Dazzle! Thanks for coming and hanging out with me today, I’m glad that you are here. Today I just wanted to share some of the things that I have been thinking about, considering and planning for next month when I make the transition from bedside nursing to being full time Zebra Pig.

I have set up a Buy Me A Coffee page where you can look at the tiers of support. With each tier there will be extras that you will be able to participate in. You can also make one time donations there. Every little bit helps keep the lights on! You can check out the “Coffee Shop” by clicking on the button below.

Individuals offering support through the Coffee Shop will gain access to channels in the discord server that are exclusive to the different levels of support. We will be using these channels to communicate with the supporters about the extras they gain access to through their support. Plus, I will be dropping in to just chat and say hello.

We are planning to have a Mine Craft and a 7 Days to Die server that will be available to supporters. These will be servers that you can play on together and that I will be playing on while on and off stream. These are going to be pretty vanilla servers with standard game play.

There is going to be a monthly support group that will be held over zoom. This will be a chance for everyone to talk about their chronic illnesses, on going struggles and frustrations in a supportive environment.

I will be scheduling steam game events where I will be playing with supporters while I am streaming. The games will vary and will always be something that’s in my steam library. You can check out that list of games by clicking on the button below.

I will be giving Coffee Shop supporters the chance to vote on which games I play with them and which ones I’m playing in the streams. They will get to vote on whether or not games become a series or if they are just a one time stream. They will also get to vote on the things that are talked about on the chatting streams and make suggestions for guests to have on the channel. While anyone can make suggestions in the discord suggestion channel, those in the highest tier of support in the Coffee Shop will be able to directly influence the content I have on the stream.

I am also planning on doing nurse coaching sessions. Anyone will be able to schedule a time with me for an hour long zoom session. I haven’t decided upon the cost for these sessions yet. There is a lot that goes into that. I will be offering emotional support, treatment evaluation or wellness planning in these sessions. More on that to come.

I am planning on streaming 4 days a week and having one day a week that I work on my social media accounts. That will give me time to reply to all the comments and emails that I have been getting as well as a chance to make posts on all the various sites. I think that will be a schedule that will allow me to maintain this blog as well as do the streaming. It is also one that will allow me to have days off to rest because we all know that self care is super important!

What am I planning for those streams? Well, I am going to continue to be a variety gamer and will continue to play various games while chatting with the Dazzle. Most of those games are likely to be Steam games because it is easiest to keep everything in one place. I like simple. I also plan on having guests for my chat nights so we can have more in depth conversations about chronic illness and mental health topics. I plan on making 2 of the 4 streams Twitch subscriber only chat streams. This will give those who are supporting me through Twitch a chance to have more conversations with me as a perk for their support.

We are going to be renaming some of the sites/services that we have because I have been informed that it is confusing to call everything the Dazzle. No idea what things will be renamed to, but that will be happening soon as well.

If you have any suggestions for things that you would like to see as we expand on Zebra Pig, I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment here or you can head over to the discord and leave a comment in the suggestions channel.

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