Does my anger upset you?
Are you surprised by my outrage?

That's too bad.

I am done making you comfortable,
at the expensive of myself.

My anger is justified
and if it upsets you,
it's probably because you are among them,
with the hateful hands that are holding me down.

Those here, beneath and beside me,
being crushed by your dictations,
and those trying to lift me up,
we understand the anger.
Outrage in the face of injustice makes sense.
So, why are you not angry?

Yes, I am angry.
Because you tell me I cannot be myself.
You've decided that I am not good enough.
You've marked me defective and broken.

I am angry.
The very buildings we work in are not built with me in mind.
Yet, I am forced to work there.
Doesn't matter that it all hurts me,
while you force me into your precious mold.

I am angry.
I will continue to rage against the many injustices.
You deciding who I can marry and how many.
You have declared I don't get body autonomy.
Christian values shaping the cage you force me in.

You tell me to simmer down
and to calm myself.
Well, I can do that,
Once you give me equity.
I will be quiet,
once you acknowledge my basic humanity.
I will be still,
when all people know freedom,
rather then just the precious few
who take it for granted.

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