Videogame Reviews

Hello Dazzle! Thanks for coming and hanging out with me today, I’m glad that you are here. I am going to be doing some videogame reviews and I wanted to make a post about the rating system that I am going to be using when I am reviewing these games. There is a lot that goes into making a videogame and each of these components can be something that helps make the game great or not. When considering if a game is worth recommending, it is helpful to consider the numerous elements within the game.

Visual Style

How does the game look? The art that represents a game matters since this is a large part of the way that you are going to engage with the game. Does the visual presentation of the game match what is happening in the game? In general, is the game appealing, pleasant and desirable to look at?

Music and Sound Effects

Does the music within the game match the tone of the game and further add to that tone? Good sound effects seem real or add comic effect to the game. Most of the time, the sound of the game should easily slide into the background, but there are times that it should take a dramatic front stage. Sound can be used in clever ways to increase tension or to surprise you.

Story Elements

Does the game offer an interesting and believable story? Having a story within the game gives it more depth and a reason to move through the world or progress through the game. What themes does the narrative present? The story should make sense within the rest of the game and match the tone the other elements are setting.

World or Setting

How does the world of the game present itself? Does the setting seem real and compelling? Or, rather then realism, does the world setting offer us something interesting or humorous? What kind of history and depth does this world have? Does the world suggest that it is larger then what is being presented on the screen?

Compelling Characters

There are numerous types of characters that present themselves in videogames. There are the player characters that represent the player as we move through the world. Is this player character interesting with a rich history and vibrant personality? Or is that player character a blank slate that allows customization so that it can represent a person of the player’s choosing? There are non-player characters that the player can interact with as they move through the world. These characters should feel as developed and alive as the player character.

Level of Challenge

Not every game should be nor is intended to be difficult or challenging game play. But it is important that the challenge level for the game matches the tone of the game. Can the player adjust and modify the difficulty of the game to suite their skill level and playing style?

User Interface

How easy is the game to control and the menus to navigate? But this category also includes considerations such as the learning curve and tutorial. Does the game give you the information that you need to navigate the game successfully? Can you remap the controls to suit your play style? Can you change the point of view from first to third person view? How much control do you have over the camera? Can you turn the user interface display items off so that you can take screen shots of the game?

Novelty or Unique Qualities

What is the game doing that’s different then other games? What makes this game’s take on the genre interesting? If a game has nothing new to offer the player it isn’t likely to be that appealing.

Replay Value

Are there different modes of play (survival vs creative)? Are there achievements or items to collect through out the game? Does the game have different endings or character view points to play through? What about the game makes me want to play it more then once?

Emotional Impact

How does the game make me feel? Is it intense or scary? Is it relaxing or calming? The best games touch us on an emotional level. These games make us cry when characters die, make us scream when monsters lurch out of the darkness and make us laugh when they surprise and delight us. They can even offer us a sense of nostalgia by paying homage to the great gaming moments of the past.

Well, that’s about it for my rambling today. How about you guys? What do you think are the important elements to a great game? Thanks for coming and spending some time with me. If you like what you read, click on that like button. It really does help! Until we talk again, you take care of yourselves!

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