Pinky Toe Spacers

Pinky Toe Spacers

Hello Dazzle! Thanks for coming and hanging out with me today, I’m glad that you are here. Today I want to give a product review for the pinky toe spacers that I tried out. First, I wanted to explain the problem that I was trying to fix. My pinky toes are crooked and they sit underneath the adjacent toe which causes a great deal of pressure on both toes when ever I walk. This is a source of chronic foot pain for me. I was hoping that a spacer would hold the punky toe over and prevent it from being walked on.

I linked the toe separators that I tried above so that you could see which product I am reviewing. They are a pretty standard product, designed to hold the toes apart. There is a piece that is designed to loop around the toe in order to hold the small divider in proper position.

The first thing to note is that they did do what they are designed to do and held my pinky toe over so that I was no longer walking on it. Because they are made from silicone, they are very easy to wash and didn’t hold any weird odors. They are super easy to apply and remove. The device stayed in proper placement for the entire time I wore it which was often for a full 12 hour shift of walking and standing. The package came with several devices so you could easily wear more then one at a time if you needed to do so.

Despite being effective, they didn’t work for me. This is because the loop that went around my toe felt like it was strangling my toe the entire time I was wearing it and for several hours after I had removed it. I assessed my toe while wearing the device for several hours and saw no clinical evidence that it was reducing the circulation to my toe. Nor did I see any evidence that the device was generating any kind of pressure on my skin. I believe this was a sensory issue rather then a circulation or pressure issue. That being said, it was still not something that I could tolerate wearing and was only exchanging one type of discomfort for another.

If the problem with my toes was causing anything other then discomfort, I would choose the discomfort of the device over the discomfort of walking on my toe. But I have had my feet assessed and there is no damage being caused. So, I’ve decided that if I am going to have foot discomfort either way, I won’t bother with the hassle of putting on and taking care of a toe separator.

Well, that’s about it for my rambling today. Thanks for coming and spending some time with me. If you like what you read, click on that like button. It really does help! Until we talk again, you take care of yourselves!

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