I hold onto my Bravado
hands trembling as I fasten my coat
head held up high, making eye contact
because I know it's expected
no one looks at their feet to conquer the world
no one takes what they want
while slumping their shoulders
and hiding their faces

I pretend that I believe
because there is nothing without the belief
since I cannot hold onto that faith
I cling to the possibility 
that one day, if I hold tight enough,
pretending to believe will cause me to believe

Up on the stage, beneath the lights
I cannot imagine that anyone wants me here
I am but a thief, taking this opportunity
from those who would really shine

but I must try
with floundering steps
and faltering voice 
I must attempt it
I cannot live forever in this darkness
not without having at least once
attempting to stand in the light

can you look upon me
and genuinely smile
can you stand beside me
and long to hold me as I do you
can you wish the best for me
as I have always for you