TRESemme Dry Shampoo

So, I decided to try out dry shampoo for 2 reasons. The first being that I have really dry hair and shampooing it just strips it of what little oil it has. And it makes no sense to condition the shit out of it after I just stripped it to nothing. The second reason is just a theory that I had. The thing that most effects how quickly my hair color fades has been how frequently I shampoo it. So, I thought maybe dry shampoo would extend the color life.

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BathBeyond Shower Head Holder

Once you get a shower chair, it makes it hard to reach the shower head and controls for the shower. Getting this was a huge help. You can put it where you can easily reach it and where it will run on you while you are sitting. The neck doesn’t bend as much or as easily as I would like, but I still like the product and find that it makes showering while sitting on the chair a lot easier.

BathBeyond Shower Head Holder