Discovering My Zebra Stripes

May is EDS awareness month and they have asked us to share our diagnosis story. So, this is mine.

I’ve had symptoms all my life that I reported to my parents as a child and then to doctors as an adult. I kept being told nothing was wrong with me. I knew that I was different then others. I knew that I was always in pain. I knew that I was always vomiting. I knew that something was wrong, but I didn’t have a diagnosis.

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Update 030921

I find myself at a strange place emotionally.

Years ago, my sister, Toadie, suggested that I might have autism. At the time, I completely dismissed her suggestion. Honestly, I didn’t even give the idea any real consideration. I’m not sure why, but at the time, the idea didn’t seem pausable. Perhaps because I was stuck in the mode of thinking about autism in context of childhood, male presentation. Perhaps because I was hung up on the idea that those with autism have some sort of speech delay or other vocal imapirment. Which I don’t have.

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Down the Rabbit Hole…

For as long as I can recall, I have known that I was different than the people around me. I knew that my body did things that other people’s bodies didn’t. Things would come up in conversation and I would be like “Oh, you can’t do that?” I remember being very young when this first happened to me. It has happened more times then I can now recount. But some of those things were realizing that others couldn’t put their feet behind their head, other people didn’t fall several times a week, constipation wasn’t normal, neither was vomiting and other people felt hungry.

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