Life Has Its Seasons

Nothing lasts. No matter how hard we hold onto it, it always slides through our fingers and spills away. Even the very essence of our self eludes our own capture. The transient nature of our exsience is the heart of what makes us human. Being able to understand that transience is both a burden and a blessing. While it plagues us with fears for that which comes next, the knowing also gives us the oppurtunity to choose how we spend the limited allotments we are given.

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Personal Revolution

Many of say that we wish the world was a better place, that we were better people or that we had a better life. But the truth is that we have the power to do all of those things simply by choosing how we live our lives every day. By focusing on the choices we make, we take all the power into ourselves which unto itself is a radically different way to engage with the world. What holds us back is the sense of safety and security that “sameness” offers. But this is an illusion.

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There is a truth that comes with having chronic illness that isn’t often talked about: we get rejected. This rejection comes in many ways. We are told that we are not good enough, not trying hard enough or we are compared to other people. We hear phrases like “Why can’t you be like your sister?” We loose friends because they don’t understand our daily struggles and we don’t always know how to talk about them.