TRESemme Dry Shampoo

So, I decided to try out dry shampoo for 2 reasons. The first being that I have really dry hair and shampooing it just strips it of what little oil it has. And it makes no sense to condition the shit out of it after I just stripped it to nothing. The second reason is just a theory that I had. The thing that most effects how quickly my hair color fades has been how frequently I shampoo it. So, I thought maybe dry shampoo would extend the color life.

This shit is terrible.

When I buy/use a hair product there are several things that I am looking for. This first and most important factor is that it cannot kill the Monkey (he has asthma). The next most important factor: The price.  How hard is it to use and store? What (if any) scent it does have needs to be pleasant. How does it leave my hair feeling? Does it work?

The Monkey was with me when I bought this, so he was able to sniff test it in the store and it did not cause the Monkey to turn blue. Check! First criteria met. It didn’t cost a ridiculous amount. Check! Second criteria met. So, it was purchased and brought home for a trial use.

It sprays from the can in a super fine mist, which it does advertise as one of the things it does. It does it very well and it’s not a good thing. I felt like I was in a fumigation cloud. This feature actually made it really difficult to apply to any particular location. There was no applying a little more in the oilier spots and skipping over the dry ones. Like a crop dusting; everything in the line of fire gets hit with each fly by.

The directions indicate that you should spray it on your roots, massage into the scalp and then comb through the hair. Getting it to move from the location it was sprayed at was difficult. It was rather like working with hair spray in that manner (after it’s in that starting to dry state). The places that it landed on the sink were sticky and difficult to wash off.

Not the most difficult product I have used, but far from the easiest. No check there.

Storage didn’t become an issue. It will be stored in the trash until trash pick up day. Then from there, I am sure that the dump will find a perfect place to keep it.

This shit is foul, pungent and cloying. Many hair products stink when to apply them, but the stink of this product had a staying power of more then 8 hours. I always try  to give products a fair shake. One of the things being how much time before I have to use it again. I can’t answer that question with this product because I could not stand the smell of it any longer and had to wash it out. At the 8 hour point it smelled as strongly as it did when first applied. So, no check there.

After using this, my hair felt like straw. It made my hair worse then when I bleach it. The can clearly states that this is for dry and brittle hair. I would really hate to see what the version for oily hair would do! Absolutely no check there. In this product’s case, how it leaves my hair feeling is half the standard of deciding if it works. That would be another no check.

The last crappy thing about this product is that when I washed it out, it carried a crap ton of the die with it. I lost a good week or two of color life right there. Maybe more. I can tell the different in the hair color pre and post product introduction. That means in the other half of the functional test, it gets a second big fat no.

With my hair, I’m always trying new stuff. With this kind of experimentation, you win some and you loose some. This was definitely loosing. Not worth a single penny that I paid for it. Couldn’t recommend it for anything. Just awful stuff.

Anyone else try this product out? If so, what was your experience like? If you have tried a dry shampoo that you liked, please let me know in the comments since I am still willing to try another brand or two before I forsake dry shampoo all together.

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