Getting Compression Socks

Hello Zebras and Spoonies!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. Today I’m going to be talking about compression socks.

There are many medical conditions that benefit from compression therapy. Everything from blood pooling, edema, pain management and sensory needs can be helped with compression. The challenge is that our doctors often recommend getting compression socks but then we’re left solo trying to figure out which socks we should be wearing. If you’re new to compression socks, here’s my list of tips to help you find your perfect pair.

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CharmLeaks High Waist Yoga Pants

When you’re short, finding compression leggings or tights that fit you is an interesting challenge. My work around for this was getting compression leggings that are capri and wearing knee high compression socks. This gives me full waist to toes compression. When you’re getting leggings, you’re looking for a pair that has the “tummy control” top. That means there will be compression on the waist line as well as the legs.

CharmLeaks High Waist Yoga Pants

BRABIC Shaper Tops

Compression garments are so helpful, but finding good ones can be an interesting challenge. This compression vest is wonderful. For those of us larger busted ladies, you’ll still need to wear a bra with it. I’d recommend one without an underwire.

I personally am looking for something that is offering a longer sleeve. In the meantime, this has been helpful and I think that it is a good option for those that just need compression for the upper part of the arm.

BRABIC Shaper TopsĀ