Give Yourself Grace

Hello Dazzle! Thanks for coming and hanging out with me today, I’m glad that you are here. Today I want to remind you to give yourself grace and I want to talk about what that actually means.

Part of being human is making mistakes and failing to meet our own expectations. Most of the time, we are our own toughest critics. This is often because we pay more attention to the things that we have done in a less then ideal fashion rather then focusing on the things that we are doing well. Our brains are programmed that way so that we can improve and grow. However, this can also become a trap where we become entrenched in our failings and begin to believe that we are not enough or lack value.

This is why it is so important to give yourself grace. Forgive yourself for being human. More then that, give yourself permission to be human. Embrace the reality that being human inherently means that we are going to be messy, complex and flawed beings. That is the nature of humanity. Because no one can achieve perfection, it is reasonable that we forgive ourselves for our mistakes and the times that we have made poor choices and the times that we have caused harm. Giving ourselves grace is about accepting that while we are reaching for greatness, we will stumble and we will fall, but that doesn’t preclude us from ultimately reaching that greatness.

Giving grace does not absolve us of also needing to take action. It often means that we should be engaging in self care to help ourselves heal and recover from the emotional harm that these moments can cause us. Allowing ourselves grace also does not preclude the need to repair relationships and it certainly does not mean we are not responsible for our choices. We can forgive ourselves and still be responsible for the things that we have done.

We have been talking about embracing the spirit of kindness a lot as of late around the Zebra Pig world and one of the things that people frequently bring up is their inability to always be kind. My response to this is, of course you cannot always be kind. You are human and there will be days that you are out of spoons and there are only knives. On those days, you need to the best that you can with what you have and then give yourself grace. This journey that we are on in our lives is not about getting everything right every time. It is about seeking goodness and reaching towards the light. In doing so, you will find that your actions will find the mark most of the time and that is the very essence of what it means to be a good person.

Well, that’s about it for my rambling today. Thanks for coming and spending some time with me. If you like what you read, click on that like button. It really does help! Until we talk again, you take care of yourselves!

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