Don’t tell me everything is alright
when I know that you are breaking
crumbling inside into a thousand fragile pieces
Doff your mask and put aside your hat
I give you permission to get messy
So sit down and let it all out
what ever is living, bound up in your rib cage
strip down naked and lay yourself bare
pull out your guts and cry your eyes out
no more dirty secrets or skeletons in a closet
tonight, let’s be raw and real
no holding back and no reserve
our date will be dancing in the darkness
crying in the rain and shouting at the stars


Whisper to the butterfly
and let it carry on it’s wings
all the things you wish you said
to those now long dead

Only dreams and memories
spun together with longing and regret
are holding these spirits here
for all the things they haven’t heard yet

All the time that stands between us
while I clutch at your dust
and dance with the time past
wishing I could forget


I feel nothing but the empty;
surging, huge inside me,
filling all my spaces
and silencing all my songs.
This world always told me
I can never belong.
Always reaching to reshape me,
pressing me against the mold,
forcing out all the colors.
I look at the mirrored grey
and I imagine the rainbow
and all the ways I was painted
before you had your way.
Looking out this little window
upon the expansive grey,
I wonder: who stole your light
and made you believe in shadows?
All the thieving generations,
blindly, grabbing at what is gone,
hurting all their babies,
snuffing out the little lights,
too painful to look upon.
This angry, raging circle,
cutting as it spins.
But why not
turn the lights back on?