Update 060520

Things have been in a pause for my medical stuff while all this covid quarantine has been happening. Now things are re-opening it’s time to start trying to get things going again. It feels a little like starting over, even though I know that’s not the case. Do any of you guys feel that way with all this? 

I have to get x-rays and lab work done this month for the rheumatologist. I’ve had x-rays of my feet and that showed that I have arthritis. My primary concern is being sure that I know which type that I have and that we are following the appropriate treatment course. It is most likely osteoarthritis, but I dislike making assumptions.  

I’m also looking to get his input on my weird, seemingly random skin rashes and facial flushing. I’ve been taking pictures so that I can show him what I’m talking about. Because these things are rarely present when I get to an appointment. While photos are not as good as seeing it first hand, it is better than not seeing it at all. 

I need to find a new cardiologist. I’m done with the one I have been seeing. He is not working for me at all. He has been to quick to dismiss my symptoms. I am pretty sure that I have POTS, but getting anyone to actually consider the diagnosis has been an interesting challenge. 

I need to be tested for gastroparesis. I’m still struggling with digestive symptoms. I already know that I have decreased intestinal motility, so it wouldn’t be surprising for the stomach to be slow too. 

I want to have my PCP changed. I’m looking at switching to a DO, because I believe that I will benefit from their scope of practice. Additionally, the doctor I am looking at is very good. I have been very happy with his services when I have seen him in the past. He is in the same practice and has covered urgent appointments for me. 

I need a neurologist. My dystonia is getting worse and I feel I have reached the point of needing medication. But that requires a neurology assessment. I currently don’t have a neurologist. Bleh. I dislike finding new doctors, but it is a necessary evil. 

Need to get the message therapy going again. Would like to see the specialist that has been dealing with my shoulder injury to discuss having that covered by workman’s compensation as well as the possibility of a tens unit. 

I need a dental appointment. Haven’t been in a while. I’m pretty sure I need a mouth guard for the grinding. I also think that I need treatment for my gums. I’d like to get a sense of how the enamel is doing as well. I dislike going to the dentist greatly. 

And I need an appointment with the podiatrist. My feet are turning in while I walk and I’m catching my toes on my heel, tripping myself. This has been getting worse. 

I have been thinking about requesting a neuropsychiatrist evaluation. I am questioning my diagnosis. I think the ones that I have are correct, but I think there is another one that is missing from the list. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I have been pretty sure about this lack for a while now, but haven’t felt getting the diagnosis would change my care so I haven’t pursued it. However, I have begun to reconsider that. This one is low on the priority list.  

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the list of things that I want to get going. Not really sure where to start. I think with the PCP. But there are things that I can get started on without them. It is daunting. My ADHD brain is getting in the way here. That hurdle of getting things started. 

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