Of No Consequence

“Sometimes [things will] seem, by contrast, inconsequential, and you’ll wonder what business they have in [our lives]…Think of these fragments as the shavings off a carpenter’s floor, swept together after some great work has been made. The master piece has been taken from the workshop, but what might we learn from a study of some particular curl of wood about the moment of creation? How here the carpenter hesitated, or there moved to complete a form with unerring certainty? Are these shavings then, that seem at first glance redundant, not also part of the great work, being that which has been removed to reveal it?”

“…Conjure up divinities, and [discover] the loveliness of filth.”

Quotes taken from Galilee by Clive Barker

I was struck by these words. There is so much meaning folded into them. Layers of powerful suggestion. I cannot help but consider the truth of paying attention to the seeming unimportant things in our lives. What gives things meaning if it is not our notice of them? The things we find foul or distasteful are as important in our lives as those that we celebrate. There is no light which does  not cast a shadow. No joy which does not cost us a sorrow. Living is about the balance of things. Serenity is only obtained when we accept all that is in our lives; both the grand and the minuscule. For together they have created the great master piece that is life.

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